Adventures in Author-land: The Dreaded Headshot

Family and friends close to me know that in the midst of the many, many (I kid) things I do well, there’s one area where I have a significant deficit. Picture-taking. It’s been that way for as long as I can recall. As a kid, I had my photogenic moments…   But they were few… Read more »

Bookish France

For the past two weeks, I traveled around the Alsace Lorraine area of France with my friend and her family. The trip was a sort of last minute decision on my part–with everything up in the air about my book, I needed something to look forward to and nothing distracts quite like a trip to… Read more »

Friday Reads: The Penderwicks in Spring

One of the ARCs I most coveted at ALA Midwinter in Chicago was the latest installment of Jeanne Birdsall’s insta-classic Penderwicks series, so there was a lot of internal–okay, and maybe a little external–squealing when I managed to snag a copy at the Random House booth. This is the first Penderwicks book I’ve actually “read.”… Read more »

Love, loss, and the writing life

As a child, the books that kept drawing me back were the ones in which a beloved character dies–Lois Lowry’s A Summer to Die, Sharon Creech’s Walk Two Moons, and countless others. I’m not entirely certain why I was drawn to these titles, as the juvenile me had, thankfully, very few direct encounters with death. And yet, I… Read more »

In honor of Galentine’s Day

My ten favorite gals from across the span of children’s and  YA literature, in no particular order, who are all invited to my imaginary literary Galentine’s Day brunch:   1. Ruby Oliver (from E. Lockhart’s fabulous Ruby Oliver quartet)                                  … Read more »

My Writing Community

Before I went to Vermont College of Fine Arts for my MFA, I didn’t have a writing community. I had friends who were willing to read my drafts, some of whom wrote, others that wanted to be helpful, but they didn’t exactly constitute a community. Or did they? What is a community, exactly? When I… Read more »

#8Terrible Titles

A huge thanks to fellow Sweet Sixteens author Kathy McMillan for tagging me in 8 Terrible Titles. It’s fairly common for books to have titles drawn from a phrase somewhere in the book. I personally struggle to find titles for what I’m working on, always secretly hoping the right phrase will crop up later and… Read more »