#8Terrible Titles

A huge thanks to fellow Sweet Sixteens author Kathy McMillan for tagging me in 8 Terrible Titles.

It’s fairly common for books to have titles drawn from a phrase somewhere in the book. I personally struggle to find titles for what I’m working on, always secretly hoping the right phrase will crop up later and work as a the perfect title. But while there are some phrases that make great titles, there others that make pretty terrible titles.

So, here at my eight terrible titles, chosen at random from my book:

1. I’ll Tell Him

2. Over the Plan

3. We Gotta Get Food Now

4. So White and Clean

5. A’s in Art

6. Folks This Summer

7. He Brought Flowers

8. Empty and Wrong


Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d buy a book called We Gotta Get Food Now. Empty and Wrong sounds a little too depressing though.

Now, I’m going to tag some of my author friends to share their #8TerribleTitles. Here’s how it works: open your manuscript, scroll for a bit without looking and stop.  Pull out whatever phrase your cursor is on.  Do this 8 times and then share your list.  Even non-writers can play – just grab the nearest book, pull out random phrases as alternate titles, and tag some friends to pass it on. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble across a great title!

And I’m tagging:

Victoria Coe

Rebecca Podos

Emily Martin

Monica Tesler

Ashley Herring Blake

Robin Kirk

Lyn Miller-Lachmann

Jim Hill


Can’t wait to read everyone’s terrible titles–or maybe not-so-terrible titles, you never know, right?


3 Responses to “#8Terrible Titles”

  1. Janet B Taylor

    I’m all intrigued by “Over the Plan”
    Does that mean like.. “Oh I am SO Over the Plan”
    Or.. are we flying somewhere today… or what?

    So yeah! That’s my pick!!


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