Fall update

Just realized it’s been more than two months since I last posted. A lot can happen in two months, but the last two months have been particularly exciting. With developments like . . screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-8-12-07-pm.

  1. Moving to Cincinnati! Having only been to Cincinnati for a couple days in June, this was a pretty big adjustment. We’re unpacked (if you don’t look in the attic — don’t peek in the attic!) and getting settled into our new home. Despite the fact that we ostensibly moved from the suburbs to the city, it feels a little bit like we moved from the city to the country. From my spot on the deck (a great reading spot, once I figure out how to get the mosquitos to stop munching on my legs), I can hear chickens clucking in my neighbor’s yard and follow the goings-on of the three deer and groundhog that visit our yard regularly.
  2. It turns out that when your book comes out in the summer, your summer will go by in a blur. I had so much fun reconnecting with my former librarian colleagues, visiting as a real live author the library where I worked as a teenager (pretty crazy!) as well as the library where I screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-8-12-26-pmheld my first professional library job, and meeting booksellers. I also got to see one of the 7th graders from my first teen librarian job as a college graduate at one of my readings! Whoa! How cool!
  3. Training to run this year’s NYC Marathon in November. So far, so good. (As long as no one’s tallying how many toenails I have, that is.) I’m fortunate to have a wide variety of gorgeous running spots in Cincinnati, like Lunken Airport, pictured, around which I have run 16 miles. Oof.
  4. The Baltimore Book Festival. I had so much fun playing Whose Book is it Anyway? with Baltimore area kids and fellow debut authors Brooks Benjamin, Bridget Hodder, Laura Shovan, & Erin Tscreen-shot-2016-09-28-at-8-13-24-pmeagan. Also pictured, our delightful game show host, Matthew Winner of All the Wonders
  5. Pokemon Go. So, my eight-year-old nephew got me hooked on this game while we were on vacation in Cape Cod and now I can’t stop. Gotta catch ’em all, right? Well, let’s just say I caught a ton of Magikarp in Baltimore. And hatched some eggs.
  6. The Red Sox! Are going! To the playoffs!


screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-8-11-47-pm7. Getting acquainted with my new public library. (Hint: it’s fantastic and I am already driving up their circulation stats.)

8. Gearing up for the cover reveal of my second middle grade novel, 14 Hollow Road, which will come out in June 2017 with Alfred A. Knopf. Can’t wait to share more info about it with you next week! (Pssst. Kidliterati will be hosting the reveal.)


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