Friday Reads: Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms by Katherine Rundell

When Katherine Rundell’s second novel won the Boston Globe Horn Book award, I immediately requested it from my local library. I think of myself as someone who reads a fair amount of the best-reviewed middle grade and young adult novels published every year, and yet somehow, I had totally missed this one. The moment it came into the library, it jumped to the top of my TBR pile. And thank goodness for that. I was so charmed by this story, which has that insta-classic feel that is, honestly, pretty hard to pull off these days.

Will (short for Wilhemina) is a wild one, which is perfectly fitting, given that she’s grown up on a farm in Zimbabwe. She’s prone to trekking out into the wild for days at a time, completely happy with dirt under her fingernails, being friends with monkeys, and totally game for bareback horseriding. But life takes an unexpected twist when her father falls prey to the same fate as her mother, years ago, and Will finds herself an orphan. Without a say in the matter, she’s sent off to London, a most unsuitable habitat for a girl who knows only Africa and the world of the outdoors. It’s winter, and she’s expected to conform to the standards of her boarding school, her fellow students all dressed the same, and essentially giving her snobbish looks down their stuck-up noses. Will has her mind bent on escape, but who will help her? And can she really get away with her wild ways in London?

Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms is such a deserving title for the award it received. It’s imaginative and deeply felt, with exquisite attention to the setting. The author grew up in Zimbabwe, and you can tell that she knows what she’s writing about. Reading this book was an immersive experience: it’s the kind of book you want to gulp. Yes, it follows a familiar form: orphaned girl sent away to boarding school, but that’s merely a framework. Will is such a specific girl, one that readers are bound to fall in love with. (In fact, I’m sure they already have! I forget: I’m late to the game on this one.)

I’m knowing what book I’m adding to my TBR pile next: Rundell’s debut, Rooftoppers.

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