Random acts of booknerdiness

About a month ago, I heard about #mgbookbomb through fellow Sweet 16er Brooks Benjamin and marked my calendar for July 11th. Now, I’m all for giving out books. If you know me well, you will know that I am often trying to foist free books upon you. (Yes, we have too many and seem to get more and more each month. Oops!)

The steps are pretty easy, and there’s lots of time left today if you want to participate. Even more if you’re  a West Coaster.

Step #1:

Print one of these fliers.



Step #2:

Choose a middle grade book to give away.

I’ll admit I had many to choose between. In an ideal world, I’d be giving away a copy of my book or ARC, but I don’t have either yet. (Checks calendar.) Actually, next year I can give away a copy of my book. Coolness. Anyway. Any middle grade book will do, but preferably one with an eye-catching cover. One that’s just DYING to be picked up and read.




Step #3:

Put the flier in the book. (You can see I have chosen an especially pretty book.)



Step #4:

Find a location that middle grade readers frequent.

Now, At first I thought I’d swing by the playground at the bottom of the hill near the track where I run, but then I realized most of those kids are too little and also, since it’s 90+ degrees outside, the playground was deserted. But!! I was going to visit my library anyway. As I approached it, I started scoping out a place to leave the book. Front lawn? Picnic tables? And then I saw the PERFECT SPOT. The bike rack! There were several kid-sized bikes there, plus the book would really stand out.




Step #5:

Spend all day imagining what happens next.

I mean, I’m a writer after all. Imagining is practically my job.


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